Convenience is a major factor in keeping creative habits going while also working a full time day job so I am absolutely delighted to have discovered a figure drawing group that meets 5 blocks from my house. No matter how tired I am from trying to untangle technical problems during the day, it doesn’t take any energy at all to put on headphones, start up “One of the Drunks” by Panic at the Disco, hie myself to the RAA, and spend a couple hours playing with lines and color.

This is a small community so we don’t have the variety of models we’d like (I haven’t sketched a single male body from life since moving here) but the models are skilled, the artists are enthusiastic and diverse in style, and it’s a helluva good time in a supportive environment.

If you’re in Humboldt and hankering to draw some great live poses, follow session announcements at Redwood Model Collective on Instagram.

Figure drawing of Rachel Figure drawing of Rachel Figure drawing of Monica Figure drawing of model Violette Figure drawing of Ehny Figure drawing of Alysha Figure drawing of Cleo Figure drawing of Kitty