The Month in Comics 2012

In 2010, along with a group of friends, Mike and I made comics for every day in May and called it The Month In Comics. I had a great time doing this. These days we're both working full time and it's not easy, but we're making a go at it anyway!

In the future I'll post to this blog instead of just to twitter/Facebook. Here are 2012's daily comics so far:

TMIC 1 - Put Your Hand In The Box

TMIC 2 - In a Parallel Universe Far Far Away

TMIC 3 - Literary References but mostly from Marvel Comics

TMIC 4 - It Gets Bad Some Nights

TMIC 5 - The Greatest Mystery of All

TMIC 6 - Paint

Most of the remaining month will be journal comics, but these gags were burning a hole in my pocket :-)

Stumptown Comics Fest Afterpost

I had a great weekend at Stumptown Comics Fest, though this photo shows I was manic enough to have the Crazy Eyes. 20120428IMG_1745-Stumptown Comics Fest

I'll put up a page about the Soft Scientist later this week, and am also going to do a The Month In Comics project in May during which I'll be posting lots of quick comic strips.

If you're here as a result of meeting me at the fest, thanks for visiting my table and my site and I hope you enjoy your comics and/or urban sketcher's notebooks and/or postcards!