Pacific Northwest Regional SketchCrawl in Tacoma, Washington

I'm still working on scanning in all my symposium sketches, so for now I'll skip to this weekend's activities.  Yesterday, four of the Portland Urban Sketchers (myself included) took the train to Tacoma to participate in a Pacific Northwest Regional SketchCrawl.  Over 30 sketchers attended! What a great way to spend the first Saturday back from the Symposium - a reminder of how much we can do and how much there is to see in our own local area. When we gathered to look at sketchbooks, a great variety of styles was represented and I was inspired by what I saw.  Tacoma was a great location for sketching as well - gorgeous and unusual buildings, cafes on every corner, more intriguing museums than you could shake a stick at.  Just a 3 hour train ride from Portland! I did this sketch of Tacoma's old Union Station building, a truly vast structure, seen from the Chihuly Bridge of Glass.

Union Station and Bridge of Glass

Then I tried to get impressionistic with the Chihuly "Seaforms" structure - all these beautiful glass pieces are on display above our heads on the bridge, so they are illuminated by sunlight.  (Thanks to Vicky for the photo!)  I was wishing there were some colorful marker pens in my bag.

Chihuly Seaforms - Impressions

Here was the original - thanks to Vicky for taking the photo at my request :-)

Chihuly Seaforms

We had a wonderful lunch at The Swiss Pub, then had a second sketch session.  While neither of my sketches today shows a lot of forethought in terms of composition or limitation, I was thinking about those things a lot. Ideas from the symposium are in my head but putting them into practice is taking trial and error, as I push back against existing bad habits.  Here I couldn't decide what to focus on, so there is no focus - yet I still feel like a lot was learned from the process of making this sketch.

Museum of Glass

On the way home on the train the Portland Urban Sketchers sketched each other, tried and failed to write limericks, came up with some good ideas, and had some really good laughs. Vicky Katura

Check out the Seattle Urban Sketchers blog for some of their reports & sketches of the day, including one group shot.  Also see Tina's blog post about the day, in which she mentions me and my post-symposium high :-) Thanks Tina, and thanks sketchers! It was a memorable sketchcrawl.