Day 8 - Glasgow again

I woke up this day already feeling heartbroken that my time in Glasgow was now coming to an end, but at least that knowledge got me out the door early, excited to sketch all the Must-Sketch locations that had been missed so far. Oops; this one is a little skewed by the angle of the photograph. The view is from Great Western Road a few blocks east of my b&b; I had been walking down this street repeatedly over the last week and was very fond of it. I'm actually seated on Kelvin Bridge near the entrance of the subway station and directly over the Kelvin river. Looking down on the other side of the river while walking by, I had often seen men hanging out on the grassy banks drinking beer and fishing.

Great Western Road, Glasgow

Then it was up to the University of Glasgow for this view of the Kelvingrove Museum emerging from the foliage of Kelvingrove Park, which is basically Glasgow's Central Park. Beautiful scene. I was already starting to have issues with mixing greens - I tend to bite off more than I can chew and end up with muddy clashing tones, so here I experimented with adding as little color as possible.

Kelvingrove Museum, seen from university

A student tour group came by while I was there and snapped a lot of photos; this would be the first time (but not the last) that someone asked permission to take my photograph because they thought it was interesting to see a person sketching.

I broke for lunch and stopped by Two Fat Ladies for some seafood. It's fancier than I would normally feel comfortable with but I'd read a review online and wanted to make sure to eat a very nice meal while in Glasgow. I had a Cullen Skink (seafood chowder) which was very lovely; portions of firm-yet-tender smoked haddock in a light-yet-rich creamy pale yellow broth, and the spring green leeks provided a perfect visual/textural balance. My main dish was fillet of coley with black pudding crust and apple/celery fricasse, and it was all tender and flavorful. But I sketched the iron work in the front window. Two Fat Ladies, Glasgow

I had to run some errands in the City Centre, so went wandering through Merchant City again and found a gorgeous vantage point looking at the City Chambers building. I didn't capture the grand feel of the scene but it was still fun. Merchant City, Glasgow

Then I visited Glasgow Central train station for some people sketching. For anyone who spends a lot of time on any sort of public transit and feels bored with all the waiting involved this may seem like a strange choice, but I reveled in the opportunity to simply be in the train station, listening to the announcements, watching the people, checking the destination board. Glasgow Central peoplewatching

Afterwards I was quite tired but still managed to drag myself out to The Wise Monkey bar (two blocks from my b&b) for some live music. Just a tiny bit of sketching... Band playing at the Wise Monkey in Glasgow

...but I was glad to be there, since I hadn't seen as much live music as I'd hoped for while in Glasgow. This band was influenced by '70s rock and glam and was actually quite fun to listen to. The bar had free wifi, free music every night, a definitely eclectic feel, reasonable and vegetarian friendly food options, and even a book recommendation of the week scrawled on the board. Good place! I can imagine living around the corner and spending a lot of time here. Like many Scottish, English, and Irish bars, this place was large enough to accommodate music in the larger room while groups gather to talk in other nooks and crannies - with this kind of configuraration, live music doesn't take over the entire establishment, it's just an option you can choose.

Glasgow is so wonderful to spend time with, and I could have stayed here to sketch for quite a while longer - but had to catch an 8:45 train to Inverness in the morning. Goodbye, Glasgow - for now!