Day 7 - North Berwick and Edinburgh

Once upon a time, I was on the train with Stephen and we could see the village of North Berwick through the trees as we passed by on another line. I remember it looked impressive so always hoped to visit it some day. Today was that day.

I took the train to Edinburgh and then caught this train to North Berwick...

My train to North Berwick. Hurry! North Berwick is an old Victorian town down the east coast from Edinburgh. Immediately off the train I met a retired woman from Bath who was traveling alone, and we walked together for awhile. Sometimes people seem surprised and impressed that I travel alone, but I have met a lot of older women doing the same, they are the ones that impress me - they have not gotten lazy in their older age and I hope to follow their example.

Together Catherine and I navigated straight for the beach and walked towards town...

North Berwick

The sky was dramatic and lighting was constaintly shifting, so I tried to capture the look of the sunlight touching just bits of the hill and the town...

North Berwick

It appears there was once a church out on this rocky promontory, but most of it fell into the sea, leaving only this little ancient porch and some partial stone walls.

North berwick

Since this would be my last day on the East Coast, I had to head back to Edinburgh for some more sketching there before the weather turned.


This is along Fleshmarket Close... Edinburgh, Fleshmarket Close

Then Cockburn Street, where I ducked out of the rain into the Scotsman Lounge and did this sketch over a half Guinness while listening to drunk locals singing in Gaelic apparently to impress to the bartender that they knew as much Gaelic as she did...

Cockburn street, Edinburgh

Then a view down the Royal Mile...

Royal Mile, Edinburgh

And it was starting to rain again so I popped into a cafe for a clotted cream scone and coffee, and got this view out the window...

Edinburgh Trongate

I just walked after that, and the rain started dumping down but I felt happy and wished for more time in Edinburgh. Alas, that was my last day there on this trip.

Arthur's Seat and the top of the Palace of the Holyroodhouse Graveyard off Regent Road Back side of Edinburgh Waverly (from Regent Road)