Day 6 - Glasgow Urban Sketching

Today I was finally to meet up with one of the Glasgow urban sketchers, Stuart. Unfortunately Wil got hit by a heavy work load and had to cancel! That morning I stopped for a cream scone at the Willow Tea Room (scone, strawberry jam, butter, clotted cream, and tea of course)...

Scones with clotted cream

and then joined Stuart at a place he chose because... lo and behold... soy lattes! Yay! They also had plenty of vegan and vegetarian fare, so if you have need of such in Glasgow, look up Stereo. It's central and it's cozy and it's an oasis of healthy food in a land of fried sausage.

I only got one sketch in with Stuart, we had to take shelter from the rain in this enclosed street, Merchant Square I believe...

Merchant square

and here's Stuart posing with some of his commercial work, which we happened to pass on the way to our sketching location!

Stuart with some of his commercial work

Stuart was really wonderful, a joy to spend time with, and it was especially wonderful to have a friendly evening out in Glasgow. It really reset my mood again, and the next day was a good one. Thanks again Stuart!