Day 5 - Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis

After a recuperative night in, I woke on the fifth day feeling pretty good, like maybe I'm going to be able to keep up a good pace and not retreat overly early. This is a view from Cathedral street, walking from city centre towards the cathedral...

Glasgow near cathedral

Then, still before actually getting into the Necropolis, I got distracted by a Police Box...

Police box near Glasgow Cathedral

and finally, I'm at the Necropolis.


Not pictured is my lunch at Blackfriars. This is a pub that features some unusual beers and I had a fun conversation with a bartender there that really wants to figure out how to get your average Scot to take interest in beers besides your average session beers. He said a Scottish customer will walk in, ask for Tennent's, and when they don't have that he may ask for a couple other well-known lagers, and failing that he'll just walk out the door. Sad state of affairs, but what do you do? Drinking culture is very different here than in... well, I don't know about the States as a whole, but it's different from Portland, that's for sure.


I had a lot of trouble capturing the cathedral, so I'm skipping one sketch and moving on to these studies...

Glasgow cathedral