Day 4 - Glasgow

After returning from Edinburgh I went out for a beer at Oran Mor (a cathedral nearly across from my b&b)... Oran Mor bar

and then tried to hear live music at Nice & Sleezy but was misinformed as to their start time, and ended up next door where everybody was about half my age drinking the crappiest cheap booze ever (cloyingly sweet ciders, lager, and bottled flavored vodkas) but a band was playing. I didn't manage to stay put very long. This is the aspect of solo travel that is hardest: finding ways to feel comfortable when at pubs and clubs.


The next day I visited the Riverside Museum and the Tall Ship Glenlee, and... it seems like there was a lot more, but apparently I walked a lot and that must be one of the days I crashed early and fell back to the hotel in order to watch weird British telly and eat Jelly Babies.

The Riverside Museum is pretty great!  I could have sketched in there for days... but of course didn't. Trains and trams and carriages and buses and bikes, along with a replicated Main Street.  I wish the Waverly steamer would have been around with its fat red smokestacks, but it was away in England.

Steam train controls at Riverside Museum It was a lot of fun sketching the train because as I sat there, I got to listen to Glasgow's parents teaching the next generation to love trains.

This is the dock right next to the museum.

Riverside museum dock