Day 2 - Glasgow

It's actually Day 6 now, and I'm only now starting to hit my stride. Unfortunately, upon arrival in Glasgow I quickly discovered I can't actually do everything all the time (surprise!) and in the end I'm not making comics here, which is hard to give up but it's way more important to spend these precious hours exploring the city and sketching.  I also immediately had technical issues as well which is the reason I haven't been posting more frequently. But on to Day 2!

It's the strangest thing to hear small children speaking with a Scottish accent.  It always sounds to me like it must take a huge amount of effort and practice to speak that way.  Obviously it doesn't and that's ridiculous, but it still is amazing and delightful to hear a very small person making those crazy, crazy sounds.

My first conversation was with the bus driver, who looked like Robert Carlyle.  Or at least, his brother.  Or at least, his countryman.

Me: How much does the bus cost?

Him: Thrrrree poond for'eh.

Me: And when do you leave?

Him: In five or sex mennuts.

He spoke in a very gentle, kindly tone, like a grandparent praising his favorite grandchild.  (The next day, the ticket checker on the train would tell me "That's great, cheers!" just for presenting the right ticket.  He was so enthusiastic, I really believed I must have done something pretty awesome.  This is what I love about Glaswegians.)

I arrived at the hotel during their morning breakfast service and expected to just drop off my bag until later, but they hurried to vacuum my room so I could get in immediately. Very friendly, fast, efficient.

I could almost have fallen asleep right then and there - didn't sleep much the night before *or* on the plane - but Glasgow was knocking at my door.  I went walking...

Glasgow City Centre

...and walking, and walking.  I walked until my legs ached.  I used the wrong words when asking for things in shops, repeatedly had momentary panics when it looked like cars were coming towards me with no one in the driver's seat, and... well, all those things you do when you're out of your element.  As I walked, I came across more and more familiar places; the bar where I met Stephen, the street he used to live on with Neil, the restaurant where I met up with Liz.  All good memories that made me feel at home.

It was hard to get my feet to stop, but even so, I really was fatigued... not much sketching got done.

First Glasgow sketch

One more sketch that day, but I don't like it much and accidentally didn't upload it, so that's enough for now.