Day 12 - To Skye

Monday morning the rain was coming down pretty hard.  In fact, we were experiencing the fringes of a hurricane (and I had laughed at Bill Sharp's warnings!).  The day's journeys would take me further into it.  Unfortunately wet windy weather was going to dominate my experience for the next few days. Got a lift to the bus stop with James, partner of the B&B operator Alice.  He has just recently started up a new local tour business - by all means contact him if you will be in Ullapool and want to explore the surrounding region! I'll certainly plan to do so if I return. After a ~90 minute bus ride I was at the Garve train station with about 90 more minutes to burn before the next train to Kyle of Lochalsh.  Garve is a tiny town that is basically a hotel and a train station and some houses.  In the photo, you can see the pedestrian bridge over the rail way which is where I stood to make the color sketch.

Garve rail station from war memorial

Garve catching the train, thumbnail sketches Garve rail station, view from pedestrian bridge

And then I was on what I consider to be the most gorgeous rail line in the known-to-me world (Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh)... but it was too overcast to see anything.  Yes, this is a tragic story.  I'll have to return again in order to see the majestic views I remember from my first visit to the Highlands.

As we got closer to Kyle of Lochalsh where the train line hugs the coast, I thought I saw one sea otter and then another.  The fellow next to me confirmed that they get a lot of sea otters in the area, and a lot of seals.  Also a lot of herons (and then I saw one of those too, along with some kind of crane).

Transfered to a bus, then another bus, and finally I was in Portree.  The weather was very poor and I was exhausted from travel, so only managed these little thumbnails.

Portree harbour thumbnails

Then I retreated to the hostel (Bayfield Backpackers) where I met my roommates and tried to plan a route for the following day... which unfortunately would prove fruitless, but that's a story for tomorrow.