Day 0/1 - On the way to Glasgow

I'm here in Glasgow! - and a couple days behind on posts already.  I blame those stupid US->UK electricity adapters that are shaped such that cellphone chargers won't fit in them.  Yesterday I finally found a good internet cafe near "home", Kelvin Hotel (which is lovely, by the way - I have a simple, affordable room with a sink, with simple decent breakfast, very kind service and a great location near the University). I've probably spent a grand total of 4 weeks in Scotland in my lifetime which feels like it should be enough to adapt to an unfamiliar accent.  Well it isn't.  I'm still asking people to repeat themselves, and then failing to understand them on the second time around just as much as the first time.  Sometimes they can't understand me, either, probably due not so much to accent as my choice of words - when I say ham and mean bacon, or restroom and mean toilet, or coffee with cream and mean white coffee,  or wheat bread and mean brown bread. The first cafe I went to looking for a soy latte told me they'd offered soy for a little while but no one ordered it so they stopped - they suggested I got to Starbucks.  I decided to face the music and switch to milk for the duration of my stay, but my stomach is not totally on board with that yet.  It's FINE with the increase in cheese and butter, though.

Back to the chronological beginning - here's my plane prior to boarding at PDX.

Day 0/1 Airport

During that leg of the journey, I decorated the front of my Fabriano Venezia sketchbook and made a couple of small sketches of my view...

Day 0/1 - Sketchbook cover

In Philadelphia I sketched the plane again... Day 0/1 - Flying to Glasgow and since I haven't done the photo upload process for Day 2, that'll wait for tomorrow's internet time :-)