Going places, Doing Things, Making Stuff

Last year I made stuff. I made comics every day in May. Mike and I finished Dangerous Aromas in the summer. I attended the utterly amazing Portland Urban Sketchers Symposium in July as well as a ridiculous number of sketchcrawls over the course of the year. Momentum was building, and the high from making one thing carried me on to the next thing. Then I went back to work full time.

Financially, working full time has been a good thing. However, there have been no new comics since that schedule change and sketching expeditions have become less frequent.  Instead of sketching, there's just Netflix Instant.  Worse, as I lose myself into the well-worn shape of the inflexible daily routine, I'm forgetting who I am, what I'm doing, why anything matters.  I'm becoming a zombie.

That means it's time for vacation, right?


I am taking a vacation.  3 weeks of serious vacation, the kind where you wander around alone in a place where you don't understand what anyone is saying and you are beholden to no one.  I'll be staying in a barge in a canal in a grand medieval center... in a cozy b&b in a small fishing village tucked amidst dramatic sloping hills and valleys ... in an old industrial city now thick with musicians and artists... and with dear old friends, in the metropolis that receives more international visits than any other city in the world.

It should go without saying that I will be sketching as much as possible, but in addition there will be daily journal comics. Pending technological wherewithal, this blog will be updated at least a few times a week.

21 days, and counting.