Comics for Urban Sketchers

Today I met up with Portland Urban Sketchers for a recap of the recent symposium in Portugal. We got on the topic of comics, and I found myself again feeling like there is so much beauty in comics that never makes it out into the world at large, because if you aren't in the "comics community" then generally there is just no delivery system for you to discovery great comics that suit your interests.  Well, here are a few comics that I think should be of interest to most urban sketchers. Isaac the Pirate pageIsaac the Pirate is an easy first choice - if you don't believe *me* when I say this is a great comic for urban sketchers, then believe Enrico Casarosa, the originator of the SketchCrawl!  This comic has beautiful, atmospheric art which changes in style and medium depending on the mood the author wants to set.  On top of that, the protagonist is an artist, who has to contend with the world's reactions to his art as he tries to draw in the field (and sometimes for pirates) - any urban sketcher will immediately sympathize with him!
Craig Thompson's Carnet de Voyage is a visual travel journal, mostly drawn from life but including his own cartooning style.  Be amazed at what he can accomplish with the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, and then be equally amazed that his style remains impeccable after his brush pen is lost and he has to turn to inferior tools.  This is a travel journal kept during Thompson's research trip for his long-awaited graphic novel Habibi.

Matt Sundstrom's web-based sketch journal Drive Into The Sun follows his journey across country along the Oregon Trail. Matt does good work, and the presentation and concept are very inspiring. Matt has also done a book of Portland drawings.
Anyone have other favorite graphic novels or comics that include beautiful urban sketches?