Hello there, 2011, you look nice

Welcome to the new year! I'm happy to report I'm starting the year with sketching, welcoming friends into my home (which has been too rare in the last year), cooking, and lounging. While I sometimes complain about the difficulties of working full time, I feel very grateful right now to have the income. Lack of time will make it hard to get some of my 2011 goals completed, but lack of money could put the kabosh on MOST of them.  Many people wouldn't be able to make a list like this because the primary objective of acquiring food and shelter would take all their energy.  In fact, my family is mostly in this position, which is why helping them out is on the list. I am lucky to be able to put so much art and (gasp) some travel on this list, and I know it... despite the continuing yearning for more time and more money.

That said, here's what I'd like to accomplish this year.

  • Attend at least 18 sketchcrawls, and hopefully more
  • Complete approximately 24 pen reviews
  • Collect completed urban sketching into a zine/issuu, including a narrative about the experience
  • Draw for and participate in the Dill Pickle Club/Portland Urban Sketchers collaboration at the Sisters of the Road Cafe in February
  • Attend the urban sketching workshop with Matthew Brehm in March
  • Finish paying back my debt by the end of March and commence building savings and travel fund
  • Continue helping support my family
  • Continue improving skills/knowledge at work
  • Visit friends in San Francisco
  • Complete another "The Month in Comics"-type project, though it may need to be altered to fit a full time work schedule
  • Travel to an exotic location for a sketching vacation (such as Portugal for the 2nd Annual Urban Sketchers Symposium)
  • Read up on science fiction classics and explore collections of science fiction short stories, making notes for potential illustrations and comics
  • Draw boats
  • Collaborate with Mike on a comics project
  • Bring rice and bean salads into our regular cooking routines
  • Complete NaNoDrawMo 2011
  • Commute by bike or foot during the summer again
  • Continue to improve physical health with exercise and diet
  • Forage for mushrooms with friends
  • See my stepdad, who has been in prison for almost two years now
  • Bring my mom up to Portland for a visit

And some things I'd like to manage if we can find the time off work, and the extra money:

  • Visit my dad and stepmom in Florida (perhaps on the way to Portugal)
  • Visit Mike's dad and stepmom in Kentucky
  • Take an excursion on a Tall Ship, and sketch the SHIT out of that ship (probably the Lady Washington on a 24 hour trip along the coast)
  • Travel to San Francisco with the Portland Urban Sketchers in June

There's too much there to be managed with my work schedule and budget, but better to aim high than low, right?

Bring it on.  I'm off to attend the year's first sketchcrawl!