2010, I Complete You

I love New Year's Eve. I love taking stock of work already done and constructing my ideal vision for the future, like the page has been turned and there's a crisp white page just ready for my pen.  In preparation for that holiday ritual, here's my progress report from 2010. In 2010 I...

  • moved to a more comfortable home
  • with Carl's help, selected parts for and assembled my own PC resulting in an affordable yet robust system
  • learned to make dumplings
  • started seeing a financial consultant and got on track for paying off the last of my old debt
  • self-published my first fiction comic with Misuba (Dangerous Aromas) and sold copies to the local library system
  • made a comic for every day in May and turned the collection into a zine
  • went on approximately 18 SketchCrawls with the Urban Sketchers and attended the 3-day Urban Sketchers Symposium
  • tabled at the Portland Zine Symposium
  • created business cards and a flyer for the Portland Urban Sketchers
  • designed the Soft Sciences mascot and made a few illustrations of him
  • did first waves of work on developing a space station-based webcomic with Misuba
  • learned about physics from Carl and started developing ideas for my time travel comic
  • commuted by bike or on foot for much of the summer
  • became a guest reviewer at penaddict.com and wrote reviews for the Kuretake No. 8/13 Hair Brush Pen, Zig CocoIro, Pilot Penmanship, Tombow Fudenosuke, Pilot Hard Hair Brush pen, "Brown Pen Battle" featuring six pens, and the upcoming Copic Wine Multiliner review showing both the .3 pen and the small brush.
  • learned about history and science from many fun local events - Science Pub, History Pub, Lone Fir Cemetery tour
  • went back to work full time and helped support my family in Humboldt
  • added "IT Assistant" to my job responsibilities
  • completed NaNoDrawMo 2010
  • continued to adapt my dietary and physical activity habits to treat health issues and achieve better health
  • donated to Salvation Army Adopt-a-Family and volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank
  • acquired a great niece Hailey, and finally met her for the first time

Not bad, eh?  It never feels like enough as it's being done, but in the end these things tally up.

2011 goals will follow soon.