NaNoDrawMo - It's On

This year's NanoDrawMo hit hard on a Monday morning.  Oh how much easier it would have been if November 1 fell on a Sunday! I was immediately behind,scrambling even to find time to do uploads. For those who aren't familiar, NaNoDrawMo is a challenge to complete 50 drawings during the month of November.  Last year it kept me on my toes, but I wasn't working full time.  This year, it's not easy!  Still, it's accomplishing its purpose - to get me to the point where I'm cramming in drawings whenever there's the slightest opportunity.

Here's what I have so far, which already includes urban sketching, cartooning, Victorian portraits, and vegetables.

[flickr album=72157625304269544 num=12 size=Square]

Edit: Apparently my flickr album plugin links don't work - you can find the entire (now completed) album at flickr. Thanks for the alert, Scott!