NaNoDrawMo 2010 with the Soft Scientist

Last year I completed NaNoDrawMo, a challenge to complete 50 drawings in the month of November.  Getting into the daily drawing habit helped spark what became a busy year of drawing in 2010! It's still unclear whether the community from 2009 will wake up in time to rock 2010, but even if it's just me on there, I'll be forging ahead. Please join in if you're interested!

This year I need a theme in order to reduce time spent spinning wheels deciding what to draw - there's just no time for that.  Therefore, my theme will be The Soft Sciences' bear mascot, the Soft Scientist.  Mike will help with the concepts and I will complete illustrations of the bear carrying out work in the soft science lab.  Here's a little preview.

I'll be posting the drawings here starting November 1 on an almost-daily basis.  Stay tuned!