Post Portland Zine Symposium

The zine symposium was a lot of fun. If I met you there, hey, thanks for stopping by and thanks for visiting my site! As a first-time tabler, the first two days were quite stressful - it took a certain amount of practice to get to a maintainable balance of friendly/responsive and relaxed/stable. But the third day involved a lot more conversations and trade, both of which made me feel more at home - surrounded by people with similar interests who just want to make connections and share their viewpoint/style.

My big news from the weekend is that the Multnomah County Library picked up several copies of my zine Ancestors of Hair Metal. It's exciting that some people who didn't attend the symposium may stumble upon my work and enjoy it.

But onwards to the future! I'm already thinking in terms of Stumptown Comics Fest. It's seven months from now, and I'm choosing projects large enough that I'll have to start immediately. More about those in upcoming weeks as I sort out which projects are worth the commitment!